Tier 1 General Education Classroom for All Students
 WPS Curriculum aligned with State standards

  • Differentiated instruction/assignments for whole class and targeted skills groups
  • Advisory
  • Teacher/student scheduled after school support for additional skills practice and/or test/quiz review
  • School wide web site to inform students and parents of homework and web sites for extended skills practice
  • PLC Collaboration
  • Departmental meetings to discuss expectations and instructional objectives
  • Study hall to support assignments and core curriculum
  • Freshmen orientation
  • Seminar course for freshman
  • Grade standards that determines eligibility for sports (CIAC)
  • Naviance: post-secondary planning opportunities
  • Developmental Guidance Program
  • Learning Through Service Graduation Requirement
(Eight alternating block of 83 minutes each – four blocks per day;
NWEA map testing for 9, 10 & 11 graders below proficiency on the CAPT)

Tier 1 Classroom Teacher Intervention


·         CAPT Remediation for grades 11 and 12

·         Customized student placement in classes

·         Targeted skills groups within core teachers classroom setting

·         Small group, differentiated Reading/Math Instruction

·         Peer tutors

·         Academic Study Hall

·         ELL Services


(Eight alternating blocks of 83 minutes each – four blocks per day)




Tier 2 Classroom Teacher Intervention

Plus Supplemental Services


·         Teacher/Student after school skills practice

·         Individual/Small group counseling

·         Support service mental health assessment

·         Short-term school counseling services

·         Resource teacher consultation

·         School Counselor monitoring

·         School Counselor communications regarding failing grades/possible non-graduation

·         Conference with administration

·         Tutoring Support Center

·         English Workshop

·         Math Lab

·         Writing Lab


(Eight alternating blocks of 83 minutes each – four blocks per day)




Tier 3 Supplemental Services


·         Individualized schedule

·         NovaNet

·         Support service counseling

·         Credit Recovery Program/VLA

·         Literacy Lab

·         Writing Lab

·         Math Lab

·         Tutoring Support Center

·         Basic Skills – direct instruction


(Time varies depending on individual student plan)


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