Preschool Services

All special education preschool services will be offered at The Friendship School.

Enrollment of eligible Waterford Special Education Students into The Friendship School
  • Birth to Three
      • Students coming from CT Birth to Three services will be referred by their Birth to Three worker directly to TFS.
      • TFS will participate in the 90 day transition conference.
      • TFS will complete the Referral to Special Education, Parent Notice of Referral, Notice of PPT Meeting, and conduct the PPT.
  • Preschool handicapped students who move to Waterford
      • Residency must be established with the Waterford Business Manager.
      • Parents will complete The Friendship School registration form at the Waterford Special Services Office.
      • Records request to pervious school district will be sent by Waterford Special Services Department.
      • TFS must promptly hold a PPT to review IEP and write IEP.
      • Should a student qualify as Homeless under McKinney-Vento, all the rights apply. The Director of Special Services is the Waterford Homeless Liaison and will make the Homeless determination, with consultation from TFS, Waterford Business Manager and Waterford Superintendent.

Waterford Special Services will create the confidential file and distribute the school copy.