Adopted by the BOE at the 10/27/16 Meeting



GOALS 2016-2017


1. Implement the Strategic Planning Process in the 2016-2017 school year resulting in the development a 3-5 year plan.


2. Engage parents and families in the most meaningful ways possible. Continue to promote the features and benefits of the all the Waterford Public Schools to encourage families to send their children to our five public schools.


3. Promote mental health and initiate proactive approaches, such as mindfulness, to reduce emotional stress among our students. Continue to support strategies to support the social and emotional intelligence and development of students.


4. Support opportunities for global awareness and cultural competencies in the educational program.


5. Ensure that the Common Core State Standards, SBAC testing and other mandated programs are thoughtfully implemented so as to benefit students without compromising district values.


6. Address the future of Pre-Kindergarten education for the children and families of Waterford.


7. Continue to establish budget priorities in alignment with Board of Education goals and the mission and vision of the school district, while meeting all state and federal requirements.


8. Place a high priority on effective professional learning and provide the necessary resources of time and funding.


9. Continue to explore effective regional collaboration with other districts that would achieve collective savings and/or efficiencies.