Our Oswegatchie School Learning community is a safe, engaging, and positive environment where we are  respectful, responsible, safe, and kind.


Dear Oswegatchie School Community,


In an effort to continually provide the safest environment for our Oswegatchie School community, we instituted a new security system last year. You must check in with this system when you are at the school as a volunteer in a classroom, walking a student to class, or visiting for lunch or picking up your child during the day. The system includes a scan machine which is located on the front counter. You must have your driver’s license or other government issued identification with you.  Once your information has been processed, a badge with your picture will be printed. The badge will have the date and time of your visit.  If for some reason, the system does not accept your information, the secretary will be able to scan your license a second time from her desk area.


Next week we are very excited to hold our first Town Meetings of the Year.

The Town Meeting is a whole school gathering that develops community and provides a forum to celebrate student learning.  At Town Meeting students demonstrate their learning to the greater school community in an interesting, and artful way.  Parents and community Members are welcome to attend Town Meetings. We will have our Town Meeting for students in Grades K-2 from 8:50 to 9:20 and our Town Meeting for Grades 3-5 students will be held at 2:30 P.M. on Friday, October 10th.

At a town meeting one sees samples of student work.  There are individual, small group, or whole class presentations. Some of our fifth grade students will serve as MC’s for our meeting and other students will be performing, presenting, and behaving as a respectful audience. 


Parents, you can help demonstrate being a respectful audience to our students too.

Please help us to learn from each other by:

·      Turning off your cell phone or turning it to silent mode

·      Listening attentively to every share

·       Showing your appreciation for our work appropriately

What a great success the Harlem Wizards Game was Saturday night. We hope to hold this fun and popular event again next year! Thanks to Kristina Gordy and the entire OSO for all of their hard work on this super event!




Mr. Ozmun



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