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Dear Oswegatchie School Community,


We held our kick off assembly on Wednesday, it was a great success! We also have been teaching the behavioral expectations for students in different areas. Students have had lessons on appropriate behavior for the bus, classroom, cafeteria, and bathrooms. Next week we will be teaching the behavioral expectations for the hallways, playground, assemblies, and Town Meetings.  Students have been receiving “shields” to acknowledge appropriate behavior from all of our staff members, including our bus drivers. It would be great if you could talk to you child/children about this. You could help us reinforce appropriate behaviors and discuss with your child why they received the shield. You could refer to the matrix that was sent home last week.  Students have been very excited about receiving shields. This week we have also randomly chosen shields submitted to the office. Over forty students have been recognized by me and received a pencil and had their picture taken for display.






Mr. Ozmun

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