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    Our Oswegatchie School Learning community is a safe, engaging, and positive environment where we are  respectful, responsible, safe, and kind.

    Dear Oswegatchie School Community,

    Today we held our school-wide PBIS Celebration. Students played Bingo in the Cafeteria.  Our focus since January has been responsible  behaviors. If a student received less than three discipline referrals they were able to participate in their desired activity for the entire time. If a student received more than that they participated in an activity that retaught behavioral expectations for the first half and then attended their desired activity for the second half.

    We are very excited for our school play The Emperor’s New Clothes this year.  The students will perform for their classmates next Friday afternoon  and will put on two performances next  weekend; the first is next Friday, March 23rd  at 7:00 p.m. and the second is on Saturday, March 24th  @ 6:30 in the school gym.  A special thanks to parent Suzanne Sturm who directed he play  and the many parent and student volunteers who helped to make this happen. 21st

    With yet another snow day, our last day of school is now Thursday, June 21st. I was wrong last week thinking we wouldn’t have more snow, I  really  hope that was the last snow day and we start to see some signs of spring!




    Mr. Ozmun


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