• Welcome to the Quaker Hill School! 

    At Quaker Hill, we are incredibly proud of our students, staff, and families.  Our weekly newsletters (located in the links to the left) highlight some of the wonderful learning experiences going on at Quaker Hill.  You will see our students involved in community service events such as singing patriotic songs to residents at a local retirement home, donating Halloween candy to active military members overseas, and fundraising for worthy causes.   You will see our highly talented teaching and support staff teaching our students through hands-on experiences.  You will see our commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology integration through our K-5 coding initiative and Google Apps for Education in Grades 1-5. 

    Most of all- you will see smiling and happy students, teachers and families- because Quaker Hill is a wonderful place to learn and grow. 


    Mr. Discordia- Principal
              Veterans Day        
      Pasta Supper    


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