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    ATHLETICS-  Philosophy and Parent Information:Philosophy - Participation on an interscholastic team provides many benefits to the developing adolescent.  Numerous studies have shown that participation in sports enhances self-esteem, improves academic achievement and contributes to high levels of physical fitness. Our programs seek to promote respect for others, integrity and fairness. Players, coaches and spectators at our athletic events are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship: only positive comments and attitudes regarding team members of our school and our opponents are expected during athletic contests. All students are encouraged to try a variety of sports and not 'specialize' or focus on a single activity year round. The Clark Lane Middle School interscholastic athletic program strives to involve as many students as possible to participate in the Fall, Winter & Spring athletic seasons.
    REQUIRED:  All students interested in playing a sport must return proper medical, concussion and cardiac education and permission forms prior to the first practice/ try-out.  All parents should view and review concussion education video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcuLImP1Ji8 and visit the CIAC web site for additional information re: concussion education. http://concussioncentral.ciacsports.com/       
    REQUIRED: video will be viewed with students prior to first sport practice
    REQUIRED: After‐School Eligibility (Sports, Intramural, Connections, Clubs, etc.) Students who wish to take advantage of Extra Curricular and/or Interscholastic opportunities must first establish a solid academic standing. To be eligible to participate on any sports team, in any intramural activity, or to join any club, students must be passing all courses. It is the responsibility of the student to hand in a current grade printout to the coach/advisor. At the time the activity begins, a student may NOT have three or more D’s or any F’s. A student with two or more D’s will be given one 2‐week probationary period pending grade improvement. Grades as of the start of the activity are utilized. During this 2‐week period, students may remain on the team/in the club but may not participate. The coach/advisor must initiate the completion of the “Activity Eligibility Form” with the appropriate school counselor at the end of the 2‐week probationary period. This completed form will be returned to the coach/advisor with a current grade update. Significant academic improvement is expected in order for the student to re‐join the team/activity/club.
    THREE ALL-INCLUSIVE TEAMS for all boys & girls in grades 6-8: 
    Cross Country 
    Track & Field
     *New Teams-
    Swimming (December-February)
    FALL VOLLEYBALL (late September-October)
    SPRING VOLLEYBALL (February- March)  
    (*New teams open to all- depending on number of participants, new teams will try to allow maximum participation in meets and matches)
    TWO TRY-OUT TEAMS for grades 7 & 8 only 
    All girls and boys in grades 7 and 8 will be eligible to try out for the Clark Lane Soccer and Basketball teams this year as we attempt to increase the number of participants in these two sports.  With notable difficulty in scheduling 8th grade-only contests (surrounding towns field multiple grade-level teams and some schools have excluded Clark Lane from their schedules because we do not), it seems logical to provide opportunities for our 7th graders to participate on our soccer and basketball teams. To try-out for or join and play on any of the interscholastic teams the following is required:
    • Players must file proper parent permission, concussion education and medical forms with the school nurse prior to the start of the first try-out. These students must meet academic eligibility requirements, attend required practices and follow all team rules (set by coaches). Student athletes should not over-extend athletic commitments (during the season, they may not play or practice the same sport on another team except on weekends.  This is potentially very harmful to physical development and can lead to many over-use injuries.  Over commitment can also cause undue stress). Finally, they need to adhere to proper uniform care, usage, and return - students will be charged for replacement costs of any uniforms/ pieces not returned at the end of the season. Grade Verification Form Student Grade Verification Form Sports Physical Forms are required.  For any child trying out or participating on any interscholastic team, the following forms are required. All forms are available from the nurse. No student is allowed to try out or practice without these forms on file.  A current parent permission form Emergency contact information Sports physical form must be on file in the nurse’s office
    Athletic Coordinators: TBD