• Tuition Students

    Tuition Rates for Waterford Public Schools


    Nonresident Attendance Without Tuition


    Upon written parental request, nonresident students and those not otherwise entitled to free public education in the Waterford School District may be allowed by the Superintendent of Schools to attend Waterford Public Schools without tuition under one or more of the following conditions:


    1.      A family moves from the district after March 1st of the school year; however, if parents so request, a child may complete the marking period regardless of when the family moves from town.


    2.      A family residing outside of a district has firm plans to move into the school district by October 1st of the current school year.


    3.      A fifth grade, eighth grade, or twelfth grade student wishes to complete the school year in Waterford.


    4.      Children reside temporarily within the district as a result of a family change or children attending Waterford Schools reside temporarily outside the district because of a family change. Generally, approval under this section shall not exceed three (3) calendar months; exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.


    5.      Students placed outside the district for special education reasons are not covered by 1 through 4 above; if necessary the Superintendent of Schools shall consider such situations individually.


    Nonresident students, who do not meet one or more criteria above may attend Waterford schools only with tuition payment. The Superintendent of Schools is authorized to accept non-resident students on a tuition basis. Tuition fees are set annually.


    Tuition students are accepted under the following conditions:


    a.      Acceptance is dependent upon space available and must not lead to the hiring of additional staff or the inability to eliminate positions due to declining enrollment or other factors.


    b.     The Superintendent of Schools shall make the school assignment.


    c.      Such admissions are reviewed annually.


    d.     Parents are responsible for transportation.



    Nonresident Attendance With Tuition


    Nonresident tuition students are expected to adhere to school rules of conduct. Failure to do so may result in the denial of the privilege of attending Waterford schools.


    Waterford will not be responsible for special education costs considered by the Superintendent of School, in his/her sole discretion, to be a burden on school district expenditures.


    To apply for tuition status, a letter must be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools requesting tuition status and acknowledging that transportation will be provided by the parents.


    Attendance by a nonresident tuition student may be terminated by the Superintendent of Schools if the Superintendent deems such termination is in the best interest of the Waterford Public Schools. An adjustment of tuition on a per diem basis will be made in this instance.