To provide a special education program designed for students who have experienced significant difficulty in more traditional educational settings. Students are supported in their progress through individualized academic instruction while fostering social and emotional growth.


    Levels of Support

    Level 1: Students spend the majority of their school day in the regular classroom with a check-in/check out system (homeroom),frequent consult with classroom teachers, and proactively monitoring academic and behavioral success.
     Level 2: In addition to the check-in/check-out system, these students also spend additional time in the support center to receive academic and/or behavioral support (1-2 core classes). Some students on this level may require additional in class support from special education staff.
     Level 3: In addition to the supports identified in Level 1 and 2, these students spend the majority of the day in the support center with opportunities to be included in their classroom as appropriate (Unified Arts).  These students are always working toward increased inclusion time.

    Program Features

    (Individualized by Student Need)

    · Behavior Data Collection

    · Communication with Parents

    · Individual Incentive Plans

    · Related Services as determined by the PPT

    · Team Meetings with Families

    · Individual Behavior Conferences

    · Progress Monitoring of Supported Academics

    · Weekly Group Meetings

    · Individual and/or Group Counseling Services

    · Art Therapy

    · Autism Consultation as determined by the PPT

    Contact Information:
    Clark Lane Middle School
    Principal: James Sachs
    SC Teacher: Lori Koladicz
    Great Neck Elementary School
    Principal: Pat Fedor
    SC Teacher: Wendy McCabe
     Oswegatchie School
    Principal: Chris Ozmun
    SC Teacher: Mary Johnson
    Quaker Hill Elementary School
    Principal: Chris Discordia
    SC Teacher: Jessica Priest
    Director of Special Services:
    Kathy Vallone