Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program

Talented and Gifted/Enrichment

Identification of Giftedness

What is Giftedness? Just as every individual is unique and exhibits his or her own personality, “giftedness” presents itself differently in every child.  A Talented and Gifted child might be a motivated high-achiever, but it is equally possible that the child’s abilities might not even be evident at first glance.  A gifted student may be one who has strengths in particular academic areas but is average (or struggles) in others.  In order to identify the many different types of giftedness beyond the precocious learner, we need to recognize giftedness across a broad spectrum of children with varying abilities, which may include: twice-exceptional students who are gifted learners but are also learning disabled; children whose abilities may be masked by socio-economic factors; or gifted underachievers who have fallen into behavioral patterns because they have not been sufficiently stimulated and challenged. (Source: Connecticut Association for the Gifted)

Talented and Gifted Screening Process:

In grade 3, students can be recommended by their classroom teacher; by any teacher in the school or by their parent/guardian to be tested for Talented and Gifted identification.  Winter MAP Scores will be used as a screening for students.  Students with scores at or above the 90th percentile on both the reading and math will be considered for testing. Note: Scoring in the 90th percentile is not required if student is recommended for testing.  All third grade students will participate in two whole class exploration activities with the enrichment teacher.   Enrichment teachers will consult with classroom teacher to review students’ performance. 

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