Residency Requirements

Waterford Public Schools has made a concerted effort to identify and remove students and families who are falsifying residency papers for the sole purpose of obtaining school accommodations. Any assistance we receive in identifying students is appreciated and will be kept confidential. Please provide any information that you feel would assist us in identification of these students to the Assistant Superintendent's Office at 860.444.5854.

Local and regional boards of education must permit any child residing in the district who is between the ages of five and twenty-one (and not yet a high school graduate) to attend public school per Conn. Gen. Statute 10-186.

Proof of Residency (BOE Policy 5270)

The school district must ascertain whether the student is living in the district. The parent(s)/guardian(s) should be asked to give the address of their house or apartment and to provide a valid copy of the lease/rental agreement or a mortgage statement. If you do not have a lease or a mortgage in your name, you and/or the property owner will need to complete the affidavits applicable to your living situation found in BOE regulation 5270.

State Statute requires that parents or guardians must present sufficient proof of residency to enter and/or remain in Waterford Public Schools. The child must actually be present in the district where he/she is to be educated. The statute also authorizes the school district to insist on a "preponderance of evidence" which proves residency in Waterford.

Parents and guardians who do not have a valid lease or mortgage in their name will need to complete a notarized affidavit. The owner of the property where the student lives will also be required to submit a notarized affidavit. These affidavits attest that there is a bona fide residence in Waterford, that the residence is intended to be permanent, that the residence in provided without pay, and that the residence is not for the sole purpose of obtaining school accommodations.

Only children legally entitled to do so may attend Waterford Public Schools. If any statements are proven false, parents or guardians will be held accountable to the Town of Waterford for daily tuition for each day the child is registered, and the child will be withdrawn from school immediately.


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