• WHS Mission Statement

    Our students will use their academic and social skills to seek and generate information that enables them to be contributing members of, and problem solvers in, our democratic society (#12).
    The Waterford community will provide students the opportunity to:

    • Read, write, speak and think critically (#1,2,4)
    • Analyze challenging problems (#3,4,5,6)
    • Apply skills in life practice (#11)
    • Find success in both collaborative and individualized experiences (#10)
    • Engage in a school culture that adheres to responsible standards of behavior, fosters acceptance and honors diversity (#7,8,9)
    We, as the faculty at Waterford High School, will continuously improve student learning by:

    • Engaging in ongoing professional development and collaboration
    • Developing and administering common assessments
    • Evaluating student work
    • Analyzing student performance data
    • Implementing strategies to improve individual student success
    WHS Expectations
    Students will:
    1. Communicate in Standard English for a variety of purposes.
    2. Read a variety of materials for the understanding, evaluation, and synthesis of information.
    3. Apply mathematical principles to organize data, draw accurate conclusions, and solve and justify problems.
    4. Acquire and evaluate information in order to interpret events, issues and/or ideas, and to make informed judgments and responses.
    5. Apply the principles and processes of the sciences to analyze phenomena and solve problems related to the natural world.
    6. Utilize technology to obtain, organize and communicate information and to solve problems.
    Students will:
    7. Demonstrate behavior that adheres to reasonable and appropriate standards of conduct.
    8. Practice behavior that reflects integrity and fairness.
    9. Respect individual, cultural, and racial diversity.
    10. Engage actively in cooperative work to accomplish a specific task.
    Students will:
    11. Participate in activities that foster citizenship, the democratic process and community awareness.
    12. Complete eighty hours (or a pro-rated equivalent) of community service/service learning.
Last Modified on August 9, 2013