• 2016-17


    About the Program

    Peer Tutoring creates a well-rounded academic atmosphere which encourages communication and teamwork, all while providing students an opportunity to learn and grow from one another. The program gives students the unique opportunity to learn from classmates. Peer tutors are often able to take complicated or confusing topics and explain them in a more clear and accessible manner. Students learn in many different ways and giving them a fresh perspective on class materials they are struggling with can sometimes bridge the gap between bewilderment and comprehension.
    As peer tutors, our mission is to provide extra help for academics and promote efficient study skills. We are available every Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the library computer lab to help students with homework assignments, test preparations, peer essay edits, and organizational skills. This website serves to provide students with online resources to use in and outside of the classroom. Resource links are hyperlinked to the names of the resources and its corresponding picture so you may click on either. The links will open up in a new window.
    If you have any questions about Peer Tutoring or using the website, please refer to the FAQ page or email Destiny Hsieh (18hsiehd@my.waterfordschools.org). Additionally, if you would like to contribute to our resource list or have any suggestions, please email Destiny for that as well!