Early Childhood Screening


Waterford Public Schools is offering an Early Childhood Screening on January 27, 2017 to all three and four year old children who reside in Waterford.  A team of specially trained staff members will be conducting Early Childhood Screening sessions at all three elementary schools.


The purpose of the Early Childhood Screening is to assess the development of each child in the areas that are vital to the learning process, such as language, gross and fine motor and social skills.  Children will participate in a variety of planned activities.  The session will also provide an opportunity to answer parents’ questions about their child’s performance and development.


Each screening session will last approximately one hour.  Parents are encouraged to call the elementary school that their child would attend to make an appointment or to receive additional information.


If you are unsure of the elementary school your child would attend, please click here for a list of elementary schools by street.


Great Neck Elementary School: 860-442-2593


Oswegatchie Elementary School: 860-442-4331


Quaker Hill Elementary School: 860-442-1095