• Tips & Tricks for Navigating the Waterford Public Schools Website
    Waterford has married Content Management and Web 2.0 to provide you with a unique web experience. 
    In this section, you will find some tips & tricks for some of our wonderful, new features, as you explore and navigate Waterford Public Schools.
    Please Register with Waterford Public Schools and subscribe to content E-Alerts (explained in detail below).  

    All of the wonderful features below are currently available on the new website. 
    Please check back often for new tips & tricks as Waterford adds new features.
    Basic Navigation  ~ Navigating www.waterfordschools.org Quickly & Easily
      • Navigation Bar  - The Navigation Bar is available on ALL pages
        District Button - Clicking the District button links to the District Home page
        Select a School - Selecting a WPS school from the drop down menu links to that school's Home page
        Translate this page... - Translate any page to desired language
      • Direct Link Icons - These Icons are available on ALL pages
        Calendar - Click on the Calendar icon on any page to link to the specific site's Calendar (Explained in detail below)
        Menus - Click on the Menus icon to link to the School Menus
        PowerSchool - Click on the PowerSchool icon to open the Public Portal login screen
        Staff Directory - Click on the Staff Directory icon to open the specific site's Staff listing
    Navigating WPS
      • Shortcuts - Quickly link to Important information
      • Upcoming Events - Quickly view Upcoming Events for the specific site.
    Calendars are available throughout the Waterford Schools Website to keep you informed of District events, School and Teacher events, as well as other important events. When you click on a Waterford Public Schools calendar, you will see a calendar similar to the picture below.
    WPS Calendar
    • Views - Selecting any of the icons/buttons along the top of a calendar, displays the Calendar as a Day, Week, Month or List view. Hovering over the Legend button, displays the color coded categories.
      Calendar Views
    • Printing an Event -
      • To Print a Calendar Page - Select the Date/s & View you wish to print. Click on the Print button in the upper right corner of the calendar. Another browser window will open. Click on the Print button in your browser. The View for the dates you selected will print.
      • To Print a Single Event - Click on the event you wish to print. An Event Information window will display. Click on the Print button on the bottom right of the Event Information window. The
        printer dialog box for your computer will display. Make adjustments to your print options as required. Click on the Print button. The event you selected will print.
    • Exporting an Event -
      • To Export a Series of Events - Select your Category & Filter options so that your calendar is displaying the events that you would like to export. Click on the Export button in the upper right corner of the calendar. Another window will open. Select the date range that you would like to export by entering a Start and End Date and clicking on the Export button on the bottom left of the window. A file download dialog box will display. Click on the Save button to save the file to your computer. A Save As dialog box will display.Select the location in which you want to save the file. Click on the Save button. The event you exported will be saved. Note that this file exports in vCalendar format (.vcs file) which can then be imported into any program or device that supports this format.
      • To Export a Single Event - Click on the event you wish to export and then click on the Export button on the bottom left of the Event Information window. A file download dialog box will display. Click on the Save button to save the file to your computer. A Save As dialog box will display. Select the location in which you want to save the file. Click on the Save button. The event you exported will be saved.
    • Applying Filters - By applying filters, you can tailor your Calendar view to your needs. To apply filters, click on Filter Options along the top of the Calendar. You can add or remove filters by selecting and deselecting (by clicking in the boxes) Sites and Subsite Filters, Section Filters & Category Filters.  After you've applied your selected Filters, by checking in the boxes, click on the Filter button in the lower left of the Filter Options window. The events that coincide with the filters you applied will appear on the calendar. In this manner, you can select only the 'school events' you are interested in keeping abreast of, as well as drill down to your student's teacher's calendar, and/or specific Category events.
    Filter Options
    RSS Feeds

    An RSS Feed allows users to access real-time information, via an alert, from various sources within the website. These RSS feeds are available at the following locations:
                 * Announcement Areas on each School's Homepage as well as the District Homepage
                 * On each Calendar
                 * Various Article pages, File pages, Podcast Pages, Assignment pages, etc.
    You can subscribe to an RSS Feed by clicking on the RSS Feed icon:  RSS Feed
    When you click on the icon, a window like the one below appears.
    Subscribe to RSS Feed

    You can subscribe in one of two ways:
    • Click on any of the three news aggregator (Google™, My MSN® or My Yahoo®) subscription buttons. These buttons will link you to the aggregator and simplify the process of adding feeds. Follow the aggregator’s instructions to complete the subscription.
    • Use the URL supplied to manually add the RSS feed to your aggregator homepage.
    Note: You can add an RSS feed to more than one aggregator homepage, but you must have a valid account with each aggregator.
    Site-Search Feature

    The SiteSearch Feature, available on ALL pages, allows you to find exactly what you want, quickly & easily, using key word searches. Type the desired key words in the SiteSearch box and click the Search button.
    Search results are delivered in a web-page format with an excerpt of the sentence where key words are found.
    Registering & Subscribing to E-Alerts  You must be a Registered User to subscribe to E-Alerts.
    As a registered user you can subscribe to a homepage or section. Within your profile, you can change settings that affect both Broadcast E-Alerts and Content E-Alerts.
    Register on www.waterfordschools.org follow the below instructions or by watching the video:
    2.  Click on the Register button   Register  located in the upper right hand corner
    3.  Enter your Date of Birth & click Submit
    4.  A Form opens. Enter Name, Email Address, desired User name & desired Password. *Remember to check the box Please Send me E-Alerts from this site.
     Click Submit.
    Name continued
    5.  You will receive a Succesful message upon submission.  Now you can Click on the Sign-In button Register& login using the User name & Password you just created.
    6.  If you forget your login information, click on the Forgot Login Info button on the Sign-In screen. Your login information will be emailed to you.

    Accessing Your Profile / Subscribing to Alerts
    To access your profile:
    Access Info
    1. Sign in.                                                                
    2. Click on the Access My Info button along the top menu bar.
    A Profile window like the one shown will display. 
    Account Settings
    The above window opens, allowing you to personalize your Account.
    General– displays user's name information
    Contact—allows users to change contact information
    Alerts—allows users to subscribe to mobile alerts (Broadcast Alerts) 
    Subscriptions—allows users to subscribe to a particular page on the website (Content E-Alerts).
    For this example, click on
    Subscriptions to subscribe to the Morning Announcements page.
    Add a Subscription

    Click on Add Area
    Type the Keywords:  Morning Announcement in the Search field & click Search. *To subscribe to another page, type in a Keyword, ie. teacher's name.
    Any pages containing the Keywords 'Morning Announcement' will appear
    Add Area Subscription

    Choose the page you would like to subscribe to. For this example we are choosing Clark Lane's Morning Announcements. Click Save
    The pages you have subscribed to will now appear in your Subscription List.


    Editing Your Subscriptions
    To edit your subscriptions:
    1. Access your profile. 
    2. Click on the Subscriptions button. Click on Remove to the right of any page you wish to unsubscribe to. 
    3. Choose Add Area to add subscriptions.

    Mobile Alerts
    To set your Mobile Alert
    1. Access your profile.
    Access Info      Account Settings
    2. Choose Alerts from the Menu items
    Mobile Alerts

    2. Enter your ten digit cell phone number in the Mobile E-Alert number field. Enter the numbers with no dashes or spaces.
    3. Select your service provider from the Mobile E-Alert Provider drop-down list as shown below. 
    4. Indicate whether you want Broadcast E-Alerts sent to your cell phone all the time or just if they are emergency E-Alerts by clicking in the appropriate radio button.
    5. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the window. A confirmation message will display. You will now receive Broadcast E-Alerts on your cell phone if a Site or Subsite Director sends them.