Waterford Teachers Sledding for Charity

February 27, 2015

By Tina Detelj


Click here to view the video on wtnh.com.

Usually it’s students sledding down the hill at Waterford High, they even built their own jump on it, but Friday it was the teachers who took over.

Twenty-five teachers raced down the hill, five at a time. Each chose a charity and the one who finished first overall, sledding the farthest, gets all the donations.

“Well we went for the real fast one,” said math teacher Mike Ellis, showing his plastic sled. “We tried to get shallow, not digging in. We got some runners here on the bottom to give some control.”

“It seems to be working without any spray,” said Joan Winters, who teaches the Orchestra program. “I’m all legit.”

She also is also injured scraping her face during a practice run.

“I hit a bump, so don’t go near the bumps,” explained Winters.

Bumps, and maybe some bruises.

“My torso’s in my throat if you know what I mean,” said Kevin Blackman, school security guard.

Some students stood out in the cold, others watched through windows.

“Actually a lot of teachers here do like to have a lot of fun at our school,” said sophomore Pheonix Sturgill. “They do it to make lessons really fun, but this is a lot different because they got to make a lot more fun than usual.”

Chris Lytle and Steve Annino, both English teachers, ended up scoring the highest marks on the hill. Their top grade means $200 each for the Alzheimer’s Association of America and Stay Strong Alicia, a fund for a middle school student fighting cancer.

“Well he got the medal, I got the trophy,” said Annino.

“We share well,” said Lytle.

This was the first-ever teacher challenge on the high school hill, and it could become an annual event.