Waterford Feud

Waterford Feud was hosted by the Waterford Youth Services Bureau on Friday, May 22, 2015.  The event was hosted by Clark Lane Middle School teacher Mark Higgins and the winning team was Three's Company from CLMS.  Winning team members were Louise Hanrahan, Devon Bushey, Ken Daniewicz, Molly Quiles and Kelly Barnes.  Some pictures from the event are posted below.
 20150601_01  20150601_02
Host, Mark Higgins
Lancer Nation: Stephanie Kindel, Art Peluso, Ian Cheney, Sandy Niedojadlo, Andre Hauser
 20150601_03  20150601_04
Royal Flush: Kevin Blackburn, Colleen Lineburgh, Jenny Peluso, Kerry McKinzie, Mike Dishaw
Great Fun!: Pat Fedor, Linda Brailey, Michele Hynes, Ethel Reed, Kim Bates
 20150601_05  20150601_06
Quaker Hill Roar!: Chris Discordia, Michelle Pyka, Michele Arico, Martha Shoemaker, Whitney Wadecki
Waterford's Swinest: Brett Mahoney, Megan Sylvestre, Gill Maffeo, Rich Morgan, Steve Whitehead
 20150601_07  20150601_08
Who's the Boss?: Maryanna Stevens, Roz Rubinstein, Sally Ritchie, Joyce Sacuhuk, Alan Wilensky
Sassy 5!: Kerry Sullivan, Hilary Wilard, Denise Zingus, Sheila Cash, Phyllis Bartelli