Rotary Scholars

During April and May 2015, Waterford Rotary has been recognizing the Students and Scholars of the Year. Congratulations to all the recipients!
Students of the Year:
Great Neck: Brooke Nasser
Oswegatchie: Alison DeMarco
Quaker Hill: Sophia Hathaway
CLMS Grade 6: Sarah Johnson, Ariana Rosado & Jacqueline Puccio
CLMS Grade 7: Audrey Booth, Riley Mazzella & Adelina Marcille
CLMS Grade 8: Jannatul Anika, Ellie Lokken & Megan Joyner
Waterford Country School: Gabriel Serrano
WHS Grade 9: Ashley Goldstein
WHS Grade 10: Tori Zane
WHS Grade 11: Elizabeth Dowds
WHS Grade 12: Courtney Rowe
Rotary Scholars (Grade 11):
Tyler Howser, Dylan Vitale, Ian Taggert & Claire Hurley
 20150601_09  20150601_10
 Elementary Grade 6 & Waterford Country School
 20150601_11  20150601_12
 Grades 7 & 8
 Waterford High School
 Rotary Scholars