Commissioner of Education Visits WHS and TFS

September 18, 2015

On Friday, September 18, 2015, Commissioner of Education, Dr. Dianna Wentzell visited Waterford High School and The Friendship School.

State Representative Kathleen McCarty invited the Commissioner of Education, Dianna Wentzell, to visit Waterford.  Representative McCarty, who represents the 38th district covering residents in Waterford and Montville, serves as a member of the Education Commission and is a member of the Waterford Board of Education.

At Waterford High School, Principal André Hauser led Commissioner Wentzell on a tour where she was able to view the state-of-the-art building and 21st century learning spaces such as the Media Center, Marine Science classroom, Culinary classroom, Computer Lab, and Video Production Lab.  Director of Buildings and Grounds Jay Miner showed off the geothermal technology.

The Friendship School is Connecticut’s first pre-kindergarten and kindergarten magnet school which is in its eleventh year of operation and serves students ages 3-5 from Waterford and New London.  TFS Principal Andrea Simmons led Commissioner Wentzell on the tour as she viewed the early childhood classrooms, computer lab, and outdoor play area.  State Representative Aundré Bumgardner, who serves the 41st district representing residents in Groton and New London, joined the group to tour The Friendship School. 

Superintendent Tom Giard, Assistant Superintendent Craig Powers and LEARN Executive Director Eileen Howley also took part in the visit.  Members of the Waterford Board of Education joined the tour, including Anne Ogden who provided us with some of the photos shown below.  

Thank you to all the staff who participated.  We hope Commissioner Wentzell enjoyed her visit to Waterford!
20150924_01  20150924_02
TFS Principal Andrea Simmons, Representative Kathleen McCarty, Waterford Assistant Superintendent Craig Powers, Waterford Superintendent Tom Giard, Commissioner Dianna Wentzell, Waterford Director of Buildings and Grounds Jay Miner, LEARN Executive Director Eileen Howley, and Representative Aundré BumgardnerSuperintendent Giard, Commissioner Wentzell, Representative McCarty, Assistant Superintendent Powers 
 20150924_03 20150924_04
TFS Principal Simmons and Commissioner Wentzell Waterford BOE Member Anne Ogden, Commissioner Wentzell and Representative McCarty 
20150924_05 20150924_06
Representative Bumgardner, Commissioner Wentzell and Representative McCarty Buildings and Grounds Director Jay Miner shows the WHS geothermal technology to Commissioner Dianna and Representative McCarty 
 20150924_07  20150924_08
Technology Education Teacher David Jarzabek and WHS Principal André Hauser show Commissioner Wentzell the Video Lab Representative McCarty and Commissioner Wentzell greet students at TFS 
 20150924_09  20150924_10
Commissioner Wentzell tours the TFS Computer Lab Commissioner Wentzell visits a WHS classroom