SMARTS Night at Clark Lane Middle School


Clark Lane Middle School will host its second annual “SMARTS Night” (SCIENCE . MATH . ARTS . TECHNOLOGY) on May 31st from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  SMARTS represents the multiple intelligences of our students related to athletics, music, art, science & technology, culinary, theater, community service, sewing, gardening and environmental talents, and self-choice. It is essential for our students to exhibit their vast interests and talents while raising awareness of the importance creative thinking, free expression, and special interests have in student self-worth and achievement. Come enjoy an evening of musical and theatrical performances; culinary, pottery, 3-D printing, tech-toys, biking, planting, and athletic demonstrations; and interactive exhibits and displays from projects and clubs. With our new electives, clubs, and offerings, our students' “smarts” will be highlighted throughout the evening. “SMARTS Night” is free and open to the Waterford community!